Igloo Cool box 26 liter with telescopic handle


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Igloo cooler boxes use high density foam to provide the best insulation possible – offering far greater cool retention the styrene sheets/ white cork used in cheaper coolers.
Additionally the foam provides great strength and durability to the product – it will last a lifetime! New cooler on wheels design. Ideal for couples or families to store food and drinks on their trips.
Great thermo insulating capacity.
•Cool Riser Technology™. The elevated base minimizes contact with the ground, allowing air to flow beneath it and contributing to the retention of the cold.
•Extendable handle with locking button at various heights.
•Wheels with rubber lining to avoid vibrations.
•Treated with UV ray inhibitors against the effects of direct sunlight.
•Handles molded into the sides.
•Thermic thickness:+ , – 25 mm
External Measurements Apporx: L 46 x An 32 x Al 41 cm