Igloo Cool box 51 liter Ultra cold.


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Igloo cooler boxes use high density foam to provide the best insulation possible – offering far greater cool retention the styrene sheets/ white cork used in cheaper coolers.
Additionally the foam provides great strength and durability to the product – it will last a lifetime! •Increased retention of the cold thanks to the exclusive Igloo Ultratherm® thermo insulating chamber in body and lid.
•Treated with UV ray inhibitors against the effects of direct sunlight.
•Coating against stains and odours.
•New reinforced foldable handles lined with non-skid rubber.
•New hinges reinforced with high performance plastic.
•Lid contains stainless steel screws and strap resistant to corrosion.
•Pressure lock drainage cap.
•New hybrid lid lock made from high performance plastic and stainless steel.
•Thermic thickness: 40 mm.
External measurements Approx: L 62 cm x An 37 cm x Al 39 cm